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Our Story

Our story starts in 2009, when we, the two sisters Despina and Christina Cosmoulis, owned and operated a web agency in Zurich, Switzerland focusing on web and graphic design. As time passed, the demand for multilingual online stores has increased. There are a lot of ecommerce solutions out there, but we couldn't find one that would meet our customers' needs. We saw the opportunity to create our own solution. And that's when things got interesting.

How we started

We've decided to build our system on a scalable, secure, and cloud based software, which would allow us to operate easily and without any profound knowledge of programming. Lucky us, we chose Appway, with the aim to develop a new e-commerce system which would enable everyone to set up easily a multilingual online store in just a few clicks.

We built it for everyone

Our company vision is simple but ambitious: "Smoolis for everyone". We want everyone, even the smallest business to have the ability to develop fast and successfully. No matter if you're an artist, designer, handmaker, or a crafter. Within Smoolis you can keep your dream alive. You can easily have your own store to sell your stuff online.

As we are an independently owned business, we deliver you the best service with free themes, and without any transaction or supplemental service fees. We don't take any cent from the profit of your sales. It's 100% yours. We provide you the tools, you create the story of your own personal brand.

Where we are now

Today, Smoolis is a fast-growing ecommerce platform. Our goal is to continue to add more features, to develop new themes, and keep working always with the latest technologies.

We want to ensure that every store is a great experience.

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